linebar, horizontal or center split mcdonough has a resaw system to fit your operation.


there is only one 国产视频在线福二代2grade of mcdonough carriage - premium


board, linear, 亚洲AV国产AV手机在线3gang, combination, optimized and built to 亚洲AV国产AV手机在线4fit your operation!

material handling

decks, rollcases, transfers, feed systems, setworks, and operators’ cabs.

welcome to mcdonough manufacturing company
since 1888 mcdonough has focused on providing durable sawmill machinery, while providing the efficiency and speed required by the modern sawmill. with a focus on band mills, carriages, resaws and edgers, mcdonough is the choice for the best. let us show you how over 125 years of experience can improve your sawmill.